This Magic-Wizards Trade Sends Bradley Beal To Orlando

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It’s an age-old question in NBA discourse: how do you know when a rebuild is done?

Should a team wait until they have a proven cornerstone player? Should they wait until they have two? Or, can they invest enough hope in a recently drafted rookie to start pushing chips in?

After all, prolonged rebuilds come with consequences. Fans lose interest. Owners get impatient. As a result, general managers lose jobs.

Surely, someone is getting uneasy in Washington. The Wizards have been stuck between a rebuild and win-now mode for so long that it’s hard to pinpoint where their developmental timeline begins and ends.

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For a long time, the Magic were in the same position. By now, however, they’re clearly in the early stages of a rebuild.

Having said that, if they wanted to cut it short, here’s a trade that lands them Bradley Beal.