This Heat-Nets Trade Sends Kyrie Irving To Miami

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It’s hard to keep straight of every trade rumor in the NBA universe at the moment.

Kevin Durant wants to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving does too, right? Or does the organization want to trade him?

Let’s say the interest is mutual. The Miami Heat are always in the market for a star. Surely they’ve got the ammunition to make a trade for Durant. Only, the Nets can’t trade for Bam Adebayo with Ben Simmons on the roster due to a quirk in the CBA.

OK, fine. So the Heat could land Durant in a three-team deal, right? Sure. Only, are we confident there’s a robust market for Simmons? Where is he headed in that hypothetical?

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If your head is spinning, that’s understandable. There’s a lot to unpack in this NBA offseason.

Here’s a much simpler deal that has Irving heading to the Miami Heat.