Spurs Asking For 4 First-Round Picks In Dejounte Murray Trade

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The Dejounte Murray trade talks have been quite the saga for San Antonio Spurs fans. It originally seemed that the rising star guard was completely off-limits and untouchable heading into the 2022 NBA Draft. Something must have changed shortly after, as discussions around moving him have progressively grown more serious and further details have leaked out.

At first, it seemed that a deal between the Spurs and the Atlanta Hawks was incoming, a swap that would have involved Murray and athletic, two-way forward John Collins. Collins, while still young, growing, and already productive seems to be heading for a breakup with the Hawks one way or another so his involvement in a Murray deal made perfect sense — at least from Atlanta’s perspective.

Then, it was reported by Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer that it would take a “Jrue Holiday-like package” to land a deal for Murray prior to the NBA Draft.

As a reminder, Holiday was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in return for two unprotected first-round picks, the right to swap two additional first-rounders, and salary filler in George Hill and Eric Bledsoe. To those on the outside looking in, that report translated to other NBA executives that it would take three first-round selections to trade for Murray.

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It was then reported that the Spurs and Hawks have continued trade discussions but the Spurs were now completely out on John Collins being part of the deal, viewing his current contract as a liability rather than an asset. Even if Collins at 24 years old doesn’t fit the Spurs’ new future plans, he should be an attractive piece to other teams who San Antonio could always flip if needed.

Well apparently, Collins is back in the mix for a potential deal, but the asking price for Murray’s services has inflated yet again. Fischer reported in his latest piece:

“It’s unclear what is needed to get Murray-to-Atlanta over the finish line. One league source said Collins was back on the table come Tuesday, and the Spurs have started to tell teams Murray’s asking price stands as high as four-first round picks, sources said.”

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It seems that the Spurs are playing hardball to get the most they can possibly get out of a Dejounte Murray deal. Don’t be surprised if the price point moves again before a deal is finalized.