3 Bold Trades To Send Nets’ Kevin Durant To Phoenix Suns

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The Brooklyn Nets and the Phoenix Suns are both supposed to be in vastly different situations at the moment. Both teams have been among the top focuses of the NBA community in regards to how their rosters could soon change.

The Nets were supposed to be world-beaters. That was the bar that was set from the moment they acquired James Harden. As surreal as it still feels, he’s not even on the team anymore.

His former star teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving might not be for long either. Apparently, Irving’s off-court antics have the Nets apprehensive to extend him a long-term contract. With all of the turmoil going on inside the Nets, it’s fair to question if Durant would just request a trade.

Meanwhile, the Suns are dealing with their own drama. One would think that, after making the Finals and winning 64 games in back-to-back seasons, they’d be looking at marginal adjustment heading into the summer.

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Instead, they appear to be considering letting recent number one pick Deandre Ayton walk in restricted free agency. With both of these teams in peril, there might be a blockbuster trade that could make sense for each.

Here are three that send Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns.