NBA Rumors Predictions: Irving, Ayton, Murray, Brogdon & Collins

NBA Trade Rumors
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During the summertime, the NBA is like one big high school: trade rumors are spreading all around it.

Teams are courting top free agents like a pubescent boy with a crush. Meanwhile, star players are angling to break up with their team. They’ve got their eye on someone else.

This summer is no exception. Plenty of the league’s stars, for one reason or another, appear destined to call a new team home ahead of 2022-23. It’s part of why excitement about the NBA persists all year long.

After all, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will happen. While some rumors persist, there will be decisions made this summer that will surprise even the foremost insiders.

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For that reason, making predictions about the offseason is a fool’s errand.

It happens to be one we’re about to set off on. Here are our predictions for some of the top names in free agency this summer.