3 Bold Trades For Brooklyn Nets To Re-Tool Around Irving, Durant

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These days, they’re sounding the alarm in Brooklyn. We may have reached alert status red at this point of the NBA offseason.

The Nets have every appearance of a team that’s ready to combust. The rumor mill suggests that Kyrie Irving is on his way out the door. The team appears apprehensive about offering him a long-term extension.

That’s understandable. Irving’s name has become synonymous with absence over recent years. It feels like every season, he finds a non-injury reason to be on the sidelines.

With that said, his future with the team may be tied to Kevin Durant’s. It’s been suggested that Durant would consider a trade request if the team doesn’t commit to Irving.

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It feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Only, what if it isn’t? Could biting the bullet, making a long-term commitment to Irving, and re-tooling around their dynamic duo be the best move for this organization?

If they come to think so, here are three trades that help them do that.