3 Trade Packages To Send Julius Randle to Brooklyn Nets

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They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Lately, that holds especially true when it comes to NBA trade rumors.

Particularly in one of the city’s boroughs. The Brooklyn Nets cannot escape the rumor mill recently. Kyrie Irving opted into the last year of his deal, so there should be some momentary relief, right?

Wrong. Reports suggest that Irving could still be on the move this summer. Meanwhile, they continue to indicate that Kevin Durant is monitoring the situation as well. At this rate, the Brooklyn Nets could end up being one of the least successful superteams in NBA history.

At least they had a superteam to begin with. The New York Knicks could not claim the same. They did make a rare playoff appearance in 2020-21 but regressed mightily in 2021-22.

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Julius Randle’s decline in production was a large part of that regression.

If the Knicks are looking to move him this summer, and the Nets are interested, here are three deals that land Randle in Brooklyn.