1 Ideal Trade Target For All 30 NBA Teams Entering Free Agency

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While everyone misses NBA basketball at the moment, the league’s offseason has its own appeal.

This is a time when burning questions get answered. Teams make decisions about their rosters that will have short-term and long-term implications. Some teams will strengthen their core group, while others will blow it up.

At the moment, it feels like a buyer’s market. The returns that the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons received for Christian Wood and Jerami Grant indicate as much.

Still, sellers will be selling ahead of the 2022-23 season.

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In other words, it’s trade season. Some long-rumored transactions will come to be, while others will shock the NBA world. In many ways, it’s the hardest time of year to make predictions.

With that said, here’s one ideal post-draft trade target for every team in the NBA.