3 Post-Draft Trade Ideas For Sacramento Kings’ Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings
NBA Analysis Network

Generally speaking, it’s understood that no team makes the NBA playoffs every year. Stars age, players get injured, and things change.

With that said, when you haven’t made an appearance in 16 years, it’s likely that you’ve got a problem.

That’s the case for the Sacramento Kings. It’s the longest playoff drought in the history of the league. Heading into 2022-23, this team needs to aim for the postseason at all costs.

Trading Harrison Barnes may not be the first move one thinks of to get them there. After all, he’s quite good. At the same time, he should be expendable to this team if they find a trade that upgrades their roster.

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By attaching some draft capital (and maybe a teammate), the Atlanta Hawks may be able to move Barnes for a low-end star.

Here are three Harrison Barnes trade ideas that could make the Sacramento Kings better in 2022-23.