Best Trade Offer Each Team On Kyrie Irving’s List Can Offer

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For all of his talents, NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving certainly opens himself to criticism. Wherever he goes, chaos seems to follow.

When Irving requested a trade to get away from LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers, it shocked the NBA world. Surely he was content to be the second-best player on a perenially contending NBA team?

He was not. Instead, he forced his way to the Boston Celtics where ostensibly, he’d have his “own team”. We all saw how that worked out. Two seasons later, he was a Brooklyn Net.

That brings us up to the present day. Irving is still on the Nets, but rumors suggest that he may not be for long.

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Apparently, he’s already presented the team with a list of teams he’d be comfortable being traded to if they won’t offer him a long term contract.

Here’s the best offer every team on that list could make for him.