These 3 Trades Send Knicks’ Julius Randle To Kings

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If we’re being completely objective, neither the Sacramento Kings nor the New York Knicks have the best reputations in the NBA.

The Kings have particularly become a synonym for incompetency. A common refrain around NBA discourse is, tragically, “that’s how you become the Kings!”.

When people say that, they don’t mean it in a good way. The Kings have gone 16 years without making the playoffs. It’s the longest drought in NBA history.

The Knicks may not be quite as shameful. They make the playoffs every once in a while. Still, very few fanbases have reason to be jealous of this team’s track record over the last 20 years. More often than not, they disappoint.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: 2 Trade Packages To Send New York Knicks Star Julius Randle To Sacramento Kings

Heading into 2022-23, the Kings will be trying to break that playoff streak. Meanwhile, the Knicks could work towards a rebuild.

If they decide to do so, here are three trades that send Julius Randle to the Sacramento Kings