These 3 Trades To Send Pacers’ Myles Turner To Brooklyn Nets

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Uncertainty looms over the Brooklyn Nets. It feels like NBA trade rumors emerge so quickly around this team they’re impossible to keep up with.

When someone who writes about the NBA for a living tells you that, you’d be well advised to listen.

It no longer appears certain that either Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving will be on this team next season. Even the process of typing that feels surreal. Nonetheless, there is too much smoke around the potential dissolution of this team to assume there’s no fire.

Whether it’s enough to burn their house down is a different story. While anything could happen in relation to this team, fans shouldn’t be shocked if they ultimately retain Durant and Irving and get themselves back in the championship race next season.

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In that event, expect the Nets to look to upgrade the roster around their two stars. Acquiring Myles Turner would be a great start.

Here are three trades that send him to the Brooklyn Nets.