These 3 Trades Send Lakers’ Anthony Davis To Toronto Raptors

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Some say that the NBA is a copycat league. While there’s some truth in that, it only holds until some team decides to stop copying. If it works, other teams will copy them.

The Raptors are hoping to be at the forefront of that cycle. With much of the league favoring small ball, they’ve been bucking the trend. In 2021-22, the Raptors played several different lineups with three or four big, playmaking wings on the floor.

It was effective. At the same time, it earned them a first-round exit against the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs. Some have suggested that the Raptors need a center.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers are in no position to start trends. They don’t have time to experiment. With LeBron James nearing the end of his career (and playing like he’s still in the middle of it) the Lakers need to win now.

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They fell considerably short of that goal in 2021-22. They may need to entertain sweeping changes this summer.

Here are three deals that have them sending Anthony Davis to the Toronto Raptors.