Deandre Ayton Would Embrace Joining Detroit Pistons

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The Detroit Pistons made their first big move of the NBA offseason as they traded Jerami Grant to the Portland Trail Blazers. The price wasn’t as steep to acquire him as originally thought as Detroit received a future first-round pick via the Milwaukee Bucks in the deal.

With Grant now dealt, the Pistons can move forward with focusing on their other offseason plans. The team owns the No. 5 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, so that will be their first chance to add another talented young player to the mix.

Despite being in a rebuilding mode, the Pistons could be buyers in free agency. They are one of the few teams in the league projected to have cap space and they are planning to use it. Detroit is going to focus on restricted free agents and one of their targets is reportedly Deandre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns.

Ayton was seeking a max contract last offseason when negotiating his rookie extension, but Suns ownership didn’t believe he was worth that kind of money. As a result, he is entering restricted free agency this offseason and it sounds more and more likely that he will be leaving the desert.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Deandre Ayton, Mitchell Robinson Free Agency Targets For Detroit Pistons

According to Marc Stein on his Substack, Ayton will be the Pistons’ No. 1 priority in free agency and the Motor City is a place Ayton is open to playing.

“The Pistons are widely expected to make the pursuit of Phoenix Suns restricted free agent Deandre Ayton their priority after agreeing Wednesday to trade Jerami Grant to Portland. Word is Ayton, furthermore, would indeed embrace the concept of teaming with Cade Cunningham to form a new Pistons two-man core.”

All of the moves that the Pistons make this offseason should be made with Cade Cunningham in mind. He is the most important player in the organization after being picked No. 1 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft and who the franchise is going to build its roster around.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Deandre Ayton, Mitchell Robinson Free Agency Targets For Detroit Pistons

Deandre Ayton has proven that he can be the anchor of a team, as he was an integral part of the Suns’ turnaround the last few seasons. He raised his performance in the postseason as well and will be a great pairing with Cunningham should a deal get completed between the Phoenix Suns and Detroit Pistons.