3 Trades For Mavericks To Pursue After Christian Wood Deal

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NBA trade rumors surrounded Christian Wood for so long that it began to feel like they’d never come to fruition. The Dallas Mavericks finally bit the bullet and took him off the Houston Rockets’ hands.

The player the Mavericks are getting is complicated. He’s certainly talented. In fact, he’s ranked among the best shooting big men in the NBA for two straight seasons. If there are valid concerns about Wood, they have to do with his mentality.

As a Rocket, Wood was prone to defensive lapses and tunnel vision on offense. We’ll see if being in a winning environment rubs off on him. Either way, it feels safe to say that Mavericks aren’t done with this offseason.

They still have more needs. They could probably use a strong defensive frontcourt player to offset Wood’s shortcomings in that area.

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A strong secondary ball-handler behind the prodigious Luka Doncic could come in handy. If the Mavericks want to win the 2022-23 championship, they aren’t done building this roster yet.

Here are three trades they should pursue that could put them in contention.