1 Trade Candidate To Watch For All 30 Teams Entering NBA Draft

Jerami Grant, Detroit Pistons, NBA Trade Rumors
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Dallas Mavericks: Josh Green

The Dallas Mavericks have plenty of veterans on mediocre contracts. Surely, they’d love to improve ahead of 2022-23 by swapping one of them for a veteran on a higher value contract. That’s fair, but no matter which veteran they deal, it’s likely that the 21-year-old Green could be attached as a sweetener. That makes him the choice here.

Denver Nuggets: Will Barton

The Nuggets may not do much this summer. They’ll be due for an internal upgrade by the virtue of getting Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. back from injuries. Don’t be surprised if they don’t move anyone this summer. On the other hand, if they have one veteran on a tradeable contract they can spare, it’s probably Barton.

Detroit Pistons: Jerami Grant

This was probably the easiest choice in this whole exercise. The Pistons are in the early stages of a rebuild, and Jerami Grant is an impact veteran. They could fetch a hefty return for his services. Grant has been a mainstay in trade rumors for quite some time. Look for the Pistons to finally move on this summer.

Golden State Warriors: James Wiseman

When a team selects a player with the second overall pick, generally, the expectations are high. It would be fair to say that Wiseman has fallen short of those expectations.

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Partly, that’s due to injury. Still, the big man hasn’t necessarily impressed when he has seen the floor as a Warrior. Still, some rebuilding team ought to be willing to take a chance on Wiseman. If the package is right, look for the Warriors to move him this summer.

Houston Rockets: Eric Gordon

Just a week ago, the choice here would have been Christian Wood. The Rockets moved on their starting center recently, shipping him to the Dallas Mavericks for a ragtag group of veterans and a first-round pick. They don’t have the same urgent need to move Gordon. He’s a locker room leader, and he’s not stepping on any young player’s toes. Still, if they can land a first-round pick for him, expect them to do so.

Indiana Pacers: Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon is an intelligent, crafty combo guard who spaces the floor and plays solid defense. It just so happens that Tyrese Haliburton fits the same description. As the Pacers look to hand the keys to their much younger floor general, they’re likely to view Brogdon as expendable. In all likelihood, they’ll fetch a strong return for his services.