1 Trade Candidate To Watch For All 30 Teams Entering NBA Draft

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The NBA Draft is quickly approaching. For fans of the league’s worst teams, it’s a bigger event than the NBA Finals.

Of course, the draft has implications for all 30 of the league’s teams. This is a time of year when player movement is prevalent. Teams will be looking to trade up, down, and out of the draft altogether.

Contending teams will dangle their late first-rounders to rebuilding clubs with decent veterans. Teams with a surplus of picks will look to consolidate them and find themselves in a higher draft position. Basically, anything can happen in and around the draft.

That’s exactly what makes it such an exciting time of the year. Every team has a player that could get moved within the next couple of days.

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Some are role players, and others are superstars. Nonetheless, all of them will generate headlines if they find themselves heading to a new NBA home.

Here’s one candidate from all 30 teams to do just that this summer.