Latest Intel & NBA Trade Rumors: Kyrie, Collins, Kings, Turner, More

Kyrie Irving, Myles Turner, John Collins
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With the NBA offseason upon us, there have been a ton of rumors flying around over the past few days. Almost every team around the league is open for business and some major moves could be coming in the near future.

Among the most talked-about players and teams recently are Kyrie Irving, John Collins, Myles Turner, and the Sacramento Kings. However, even outside of those four, there are plenty of other things in the works by many different teams.

We could very well be looking at the busiest offseason the NBA has had in quite some time. Even though there are very few high-profile free agents on the market, the trade market is robust. There is the potential for multiple big-time blockbuster trades.

The 2022 NBA Draft is right around the corner and teams are looking to make moves before Thursday night.

LATEST NBA DRAFT NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving Could Leave Nets; Clippers, Lakers, Knicks Suitors

Fans should be expecting to see quite a few trades happen in the coming days before the draft. We could also see quite a few draft-night deals as teams look to shake up their rosters a bit.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most recent intel and NBA trade rumors from around the league.