This Heat-Lakers Trade Swaps Kyle Lowry, Russell Westbrook

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The Miami Heat find themselves in an interesting position entering the NBA offseason following their recent appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It’s hard to know where they’ll go next. This core features a unique age discrepancy between its key players. Jimmy Butler is 32. Kyle Lowry is 36. Bam Adebayo is 24, and Tyler Herro is 22.

This team could justify retooling around the latter two players. In the same breath, they could justify pushing all-in for 2022-23. The decision may boil down to a single question: who is Kyle Lowry in 2022?

If hamstring injuries were the main reason for his subpar postseason performance in 2021-22, the Heat may be wise to hold onto him as their starting point guard. On the other hand, 36 is 36. If Lowry’s best days are behind him, the Heat may be happy to get off of his sizeable contract.

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The Los Angeles Lakers may be happy to take it. Their 2021-22 season was an outright disaster. Russell Westbrook’s inability to fit alongside LeBron James had much to do with that.

Here’s a deal that sees the Lakers and Heat swapping floor generals.