3 Crazy Trade Ideas Involving Lakers’ LeBron James

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The Los Angeles Lakers are not going to trade LeBron James this NBA season. Before we proceed, we’d like to acknowledge that reality.

Nobody has ever traded LeBron James, and in all likelihood, nobody ever will.

Consider this a thought experiment. With that said, it’s one worth entertaining. The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tight spot. Russell Westbrook’s trade value appears to be less than zero. If Anthony Davis continues shooting 16.9% from three-point range, his may plummet as well.

Trading LeBron James may be the best way for this team to actually retain some value for their aging, overpaid, misshapen roster.

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Again, it’s not going to happen. The Lakers will exhaust every possibility before turning to this one.

In that extremely unlikely event, here are three trade ideas involving LeBron James.