3 Stars For Clippers To Pursue To Form Big 3 With Leonard, George

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The LA Clippers entered the 2021-22 NBA season with a lot of talent, but low expectations. That’s what happens when your best player starts the season on the sidelines.

When your second-best player joins him midseason, you know you’ve got a lost season on your hands. The Clippers began the year without Kawhi Leonard, but losing Paul George solidified 2021-22 as a gap year for the organization.

In 2022-23, the team’s outlook will be much different. Both of their star wings are expected to be available to begin the season. Meanwhile, the organization used 2021-22 to acquire a deep cast of role players to complement them.

Now, Leonard and George will be joined by Normal Powell and Robert Covington in addition to the role players they already had. They’ll be widely regarded as a championship contender.

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Still, the addition of a third star would make them something different: championship favorites.

Here are three the Los Angeles Clipper ought to pursue this summer.