Could Spurs Be Perfect Zach LaVine Landing Spot?

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The San Antonio Spurs are stuck in the toughest period in franchise history. That speaks volumes about how successful they have been, as the last three years are the first time that the Spurs have missed the playoffs in consecutive NBA seasons.

San Antonio has some good, young players on their roster led by Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson, but they are stuck in the dreaded middle land of the NBA. They aren’t good enough to truly be considered contenders, but they aren’t nearly bad enough to bottom out and get as close to the top of the draft order as possible.

That will lead to some interesting decisions needing to be made this offseason by the San Antonio front office. Do they want to go for an upgrade and push for a playoff spot in the final years of having Gregg Popovich as head coach? Or will they accept the reality of not having a true star to build around and continue rebuilding and restocking the roster.

The Spurs have the means to go down either path. Creating max cap space is an easy task should the opportunity to add a difference-maker arises. They also have three first-round picks at their disposal to either make a blockbuster deal or add more prospects to the roster.

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If the San Antonio Spurs decide they want to make a splash, Zach LaVine is someone that could be on their radar. There are a lot of pros to LaVine joining the Spurs that would make them a perfect landing spot for him this offseason. Bleacher Report shared some of those insights.

“Another Seattle native, Dejounte Murray, could provide another All-Star pairing for LaVine in San Antonio, where the Bulls guard could reunite with his Olympics head coach Gregg Popovich.

The Spurs would, in theory, present a clear lead scoring opportunity for LaVine, ironically filling a hole that has been vacant since DeRozan fled for LaVine’s Bulls last summer.”

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DeMar DeRozan was acquired by the Chicago Bulls last offseason in a sign-and-trade with the Spurs to bolster their lineup. While it worked, as the Bulls made the postseason, that signing could be part of the reason Zach LaVine could be looking elsewhere in free agency this summer.

There were numerous occasions that LaVine was relegated to a complementary role, standing in the corner on offense, late in games as DeRozan went to work in the mid-post. That likely isn’t the role LaVine was envisioning for himself and he could look for a change.

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In San Antonio, he would be the unquestioned No. 1 option offensively, returning to the role he thought he had in Chicago. Adding a scorer of that caliber could be the missing piece to help the Spurs reach that next level, as this is a deep, talented roster but is missing that go-to, All-Star scoring option.

Zach LaVine and the San Antoino Spurs seem like they could be a perfect match. That is bad news for the Chicago Bulls, who thought retaining LaVine would be a shoo-in.