3 Best Trade Packages The Jazz Could Get For Donovan Mitchell

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If you’ve read a single NBA rumor in recent months, there’s a decent chance you’ve heard that the Utah Jazz may trade Donovan Mitchell.

It does not appear as if all is well in Salt Lake City. The Jazz were eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. That’s an unacceptable outcome for a team that was thinking about the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The fallout has been hard to watch. It seems that the relationship between Donovan Mitchell is, to put it lightly, fractured. Some suggest that Mitchell would prefer to play in a bigger market.

There is an air of inevitability around his departure at this point.

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All hope is not lost. If the Jazz are moving Mitchell, they’ll get a bounty in return. After all, 25-year-old superstar scoring guards don’t hit the open market on a routine basis.

If Mitchell does, here are the three best trade packages the Jazz could receive for him.