This Nets-Knicks Blockbuster Trade Sends Ben Simmons To New York

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New York Knicks Receive: G/F Ben Simmons
Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Derrick Rose, G/F Evan Fournier, G Kemba Walker

This trade may not be perfect for either side. It may make the best of a bad situation for either.

If this happened, Simmons would have to have set some type of record for most times getting traded without having played an NBA game. It feels like he’s been on the sidelines for an eternity.

Still, don’t discount the possibility that he leaves the Brooklyn Nets before he plays a single game.

Plus, the Knicks could be a better situation for him. He’d have an opportunity to make this his team. Granted, Julius Randle still exists, but with the way he performed in 2021-22, he may not be an obstacle.

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Nets fans may shudder at the thought of this trade. If it transpired, they’d have effectively swapped James Harden for Rose, Fournier, Walker, and a couple of first-round picks. In a vacuum, that’s poor value.

Could it make sense for the team within their current context?