This Nets-Knicks Blockbuster Trade Sends Ben Simmons To New York

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If recent NBA rumors are to be believed, the Brooklyn Nets may be in a heap of trouble.

Allegedly, the team is unwilling to commit long-term money to Kyrie Irving. It’s understandable. His willingness to get on the floor has come into question in recent years, with the mercurial star missing time for various non-injury reasons.

It may be understandable, but it’s still troubling. Rumors further suggest that Kevin Durant has concerns about the future of the organization.

Of course, rumors are rumors for a reason. They’re not facts. In the same breath, who wouldn’t have concerns about this organization?

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All hope is not lost. The best thing the Nets could do may be to resign Kyrie, and make a trade to add some depth and stabilize this group.

Here’s a deal that does exactly that.