3 Trade Ideas To Send Nets’ Ben Simmons To San Antonio Spurs

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The Brooklyn Nets find themselves in a precarious position heading into the NBA offseason. They’ve got plenty of talent on their roster: it just so happens that far too high a percentage of it seems to be regularly unavailable.

Everyone will be focused on the future of Ben Simmons this offseason and many believe they could trade him. If they do, the San Antonio Spurs might be a team to watch closely.

Kyrie Irving has a wide range of personal interests. Sometimes, basketball seems like it’s closer to the bottom of his list. Meanwhile, mental health issues seem to collaborate with physical health issues to keep Simmons off the floor on a routine basis.

Surely, it’s depressed his trade value. Teams will be apprehensive about acquiring a player they can’t be sure will play. On the other hand, he’s a ceiling raiser. If Simmons can return to his previous form, he could be a dream acquisition for several teams in this league.

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If the Nets decide they need someone more reliable, they could make that dream come true for some unsuspecting squad. The San Antonio Spurs might be a great home for him. Gregg Popovich’s system may be able to minimize his limitations as a non-shooter lead ball-handler.

If they feel they’ve got the potential to do so, here are three trade offers they could make to the Brooklyn Nets.