3 Trade Packages To Send Rockets’ Christian Wood To Nets

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Arguably, any decision the Houston Rockets could make this NBA offseason that would strengthen the Brooklyn Nets would likely be a bad one.

After all, the Rockets control the Nets’ draft through to 2027. The value of any assets they did acquire from the Nets would, in turn, depreciate the value of other assets they hold.

It’s a bit of a Sophie’s Choice. The Nets do have plenty of pieces that should intrigue the Rockets. Still, none are as valuable as any given Nets pick could potentially end up being. Should the Rockets be more interested in securing their own success, or the Nets’ failure?

We’re betting on the former. The Nets have pieces that will interest any rebuilding team. The Rockets refusing to make a deal with them would do little to disable them from upgrading the team.

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If they’re going to do so anyway, the Rockets ought to let them do it in a way that benefits them in addition.

For example, by trading them Christian Wood. As one of the league’s premier stretch big men, he’s a perfect fit alongside the non-shooting Ben Simmons.

Here are three trades that land him on the Brooklyn Nets.