3 Crazy Zach LaVine Sign-And-Trades We’d Love To See

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On some level, we’d love to see Zach LaVine stay with the Chicago Bulls. Their 2021-22 NBA season just feels a little incomplete.

They had a solid year, but it was unexceptional. They finished the year 46-36 and got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

After all the moves this organization has made over the last two seasons, that feels a little anti-climatic. With some tinkering, it’s hard not to wonder if this team could reach higher heights in 2023-24.

Nonetheless, LaVine is a free agent. He could conceivably land anywhere. While only a few teams have the cap space to sign him outright, LaVine could force a sign-and-trade to a location of his preference.

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Chances are, that team would be happy to have him.

Here are a few scenarios in that vein that we’d like to see play out.