Dallas Mavericks Named Potential Destination For Collin Sexton

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After missing much of the season due to injury, Collin Sexton will still return as one of this NBA offseason’s most exciting restricted free agents. The Cleveland Cavaliers had a spectacular season despite the loss of Sexton, nearly making the postseason.

The special performance from this Cavs team and point guard Darius Garland could mean they may be more inclined to let Sexton go. But to where?

Bleacher Report recently named the Dallas Mavericks as a potential destination for Collin Sexton. A terrific scoring guard, Sexton could fill a role that Jalen Brunson could soon vacate.

“Dallas doesn’t have the cap space to sign Sexton outright, but it could be interested in a sign-and-trade for another ball-handler this summer if Jalen Brunson leaves as an unrestricted free agent. While he’s not a true point guard, Sexton could thrive in a scoring role next to Luka Doncic after averaging 24.3 points and 4.4 assists in 2020-21.”

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Swartz outlined that a move to Dallas for Sexton would be via sign-and-trade due to Dallas’ cap constraints. Dallas has plenty of assets that could interest Cleveland, including Brunson himself.

Though it’s likely Dallas would show interest in a scorer like Collin Sexton, Cleveland may be reluctant to let him go. Sexton showed great potential playing next to Garland in his last full season. The Cleveland Cavaliers also struggled to fill their backup point guard minutes after Ricky Rubio went down with an injury.

The Cavs could stagger Sexton and Garland’s minutes. In doing so, they could ensure they have at least one of the dynamic guards playing at all times.

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The Dallas Mavericks is currently preparing for the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors. Collin Sexton presents an intriguing option, especially if Jalen Brunson were to depart. With limited cap flexibility, if a deal for Sexton were doable, Dallas would be likely to pull the trigger.