Predictions For Latest NBA Rumors: Mitchell, Lakers, Irving, Hawks

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As the NBA postseason nears its conclusion, the offseason drama is only just beginning.

Already rumors are flying around about seemingly every team and star in the league. With speculation on many NBA topics rising, it’s time to make some predictions on what will really happen.

Is there any truth to the Donovan Mitchell trade rumors? Who will the Los Angeles Lakers bring on as head coach next season? What will become of Kyrie Irving’s contract talks with the Brooklyn Nets? Will the Atlanta Hawks make a big splash to pair a star with Trae Young?

Those are just scratching the surface, too.

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There’s no way of knowing how the offseason will unfold. But as rumors continue to swirl, we can try to weed through and uncover some predictions that may actually come through.

Let’s look at some key offseason storylines, and predict how they will unfold.