3 Ideal Offseason Trade Destinations For Knicks’ Kemba Walker

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The New York Knicks thought they had a strong offseason last year after finishing as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. It turns out that they made some poor moves that led to their fall this NBA season.

New York came back down to Earth and missed out on the postseason this year. The underachieving was largely because of inconsistent play by Julius Randle and others. The inability for the gamble on Kemba Walker to pan out was among the many reasons, too.

Kemba Walker signed a two-year deal with the Knicks last offseason after being bought out by the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was an up and down campaign for a Walker as he started out hot before moving to the bench.

Walker was able to make his return but never solidified by himself on the offensive end of the floor. Now, with one year left on his deal, the Knicks could be looking for a trade partner.

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Walker averaged 11.6 points per game for the Knicks in 37 games of action. This is not to say that his career is over but Walker should be looking for a team or he can play a bigger role. Whether this is a starter or off the bench, it all depends on the plan that the team has.

Let’s look at three potential offseason trade destinations the New York Knicks could send Kemba Walker.