2 Trade Packages To Send Christian Wood To Portland Trail Blazers

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Assessing Christian Wood’s place with the Houston Rockets entering the NBA offseason is a challenge.

At 26, he’s at an exact age where the team may or may not consider him part of what looks to be a long-term rebuild. He was acquired before James Hardens’ trade request. It seems likely that the move was made to complement The Beard’s game.

He’s a talented player, but he’s also a flawed one. Wood is one of the best three-point shooting big men in the league, but he’s prone to commandeering possessions to play an unwanted brand of iso ball. He’s an outstanding pick-and-roll finisher, but he fails to leverage that athleticism on the defensive end.

Some of those flaws could be fixed if Wood joined a more competitive team. It’s possible that on a squad with a clear first option, Wood could fall into line. It’s also likely that he’d conserve more energy for defense with a more streamlined offensive role.

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The Portland Trail Blazers could offer him one. They’ll continue to build their offense around superstar Damian Lillard.

If they’d like to pair him with a stretch five, here are two trades that send Wood to the Portland Trail Blazers.