2 Trade Packages To Send Myles Turner To Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies have been the Cinderella story of the 2021-22 NBA season.

As it stands, they’re down 1-2 against the Golden State Warriors. For a team built around the 22-year-old Ja Morant, that’s a great position to be in.

This team was widely regarded as a rebuilding club heading into the year. So much for that. The Grizzlies have officially advanced into the contending phase of their development. Provided they don’t go on to win the NBA title, improving this roster this summer should be the goal.

Myles Turner would make for a significant upgrade. He’d provide much of the rebounding that the Grizzlies rely on from Steven Adams.

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More importantly, he’d provide a little more rim protection and a lot more floor-spacing. His fit with Jaren Jackson Jr. is very appealing: suddenly, the Grizzlies have two rim protecting floor-spacers.

That’s a good skill set to double down on. If the Grizzlies feel the same, here are two trades they could offer the Pacers to land Myles Turner in Memphis.