2 Trade Packages To Send Shai Gilgeous-Alexander To Hawks

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Judging the Atlanta Hawks’ 2021-22 NBA season is tough. On the one hand, they undeniably regressed from their surprise Conference Finals run in 2020-21. On the other hand, they’re built around a 23-year-old point guard. Perhaps regression was inevitable.

Don’t tell that to a Hawks fan. They got a taste of glory, and understandably, they want more. If the front office feels the same, maybe they’ll make a big splash on the trade market this summer.

Meanwhile, judging the Thunder’s 2021-22 season is easy. They stank, and they wanted to stink. More significantly, they may want to stink again next year.

The Atlanta Hawks may want to help them out with that.

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If the Thunder opt to extend their tank by trading their best player next year, the Hawks should be interested.

In that event, here are two trade packages that send Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to the Atlanta Hawks.