3 Best Trade Packages The Lakers Could Get For Russell Westbrook

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We hope Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka likes challenges. Finding a taker for Russell Westbrook’s gargantuan contract this NBA offseason might be nearly impossible.

The former MVP is widely regarded as having negative value around the NBA. His historic runs with the Oklahoma City Thunder feel like they were several lifetimes ago. Players inevitably decline, but Westbrook’s fall from grace has been hard to watch.

Still, no contract is immovable in the NBA. Sometimes, the trick is to attach incentives to the deal. Incentives like intriguing young players, or first-round picks.

Unfortunately, the Lakers are light on both. If they’re going to move Westbrook, they may need to attach everything they’ve got.

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Acquiring a player who so obviously doesn’t fit with LeBron James was always a mistake. Now, the Lakers may have to pay for it.

Here are the three best deals the Los Angeles Lakers could get for Russell Westbrook this summer. They aren’t pretty, but they’re the best we’ve got.