Best Trade Package Lakers Could Offer For Wizards’ Bradley Beal

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The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tough spot. They’ve got three max contracts on the books, yet they missed this year’s NBA Play-In Tournament. They’re aging and injury-riddled. Basically, they might be in trouble.

Still, there’s usually a way that accompanies a will. If the Lakers aim to make significant improvements heading into the 2022-23 season, it should be possible. Of course, it’ll cost them. Heavily.

It’ll probably require them to mortgage off the future. The team is light on draft capital in the immediate future, but they still have picks that won’t convey for a while that they can deal.

Rebuilding teams tend to put a premium on first-round picks.

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Even a 2029 first-rounder is valuable: they can use it to broker a trade for a star when they’re ready to. Say a team triggers a rebuild this summer: if they’re competitive by 2026, suddenly that 2029 selection is conveying on a soon-to-be rebuilding team’s timeline.

If the Washington Wizards are looking to part with Bradley Beal, and they share that philosophy about future picks, here is the best offer the Lakers could make them for their star guard.