3 Perfect Trade Targets To Take Spurs Back To The Playoffs

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The San Antonio Spurs have been on the mediocrity treadmill for so long that they’re risking a cardiac event. They’ve missed the playoffs for three consecutive NBA seasons, but they haven’t secured top 5 lottery odds in any of them.

They’re bad, but they’re not bad enough. A lot of NBA observers would call it the worst position in the league.

At the same time, something about the Spurs feels exceptional. It’s probably the fact that they contended for two decades.

Over that time, they won five championships. Present-day head coach Gregg Popovich was at the helm for every single one.

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They say Father Time is undefeated, but we’re beginning to suspect Pop may be Father Time. As long as he’s designing plays for the Spurs, they’ve got a chance to be competitive. One trade for a star player could put them right back in the playoff mix.

Here are three trade targets they should pursue this summer.