2 Trade Packages To Send Russell Westbrook To Thunder

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Everyone loves a reunion and NBA fans are no exception. Unless, of course, that reunion is only happening because you’ve just drastically disappointed everyone at work, and they’re transferring you to another department, who’s only welcoming you because you come attached to something else.

Alright. The analogy isn’t perfect. You still get the idea. If Russell Westbrook finds his way back to the Thunder, it won’t be because they want him. It will be because they’re willing to absorb his contract in order to land a first-round pick.

They may buy him out. They may offer him a mentorship role. In the spirit of tanking, they may hand him the keys.

No matter what they decide to do, they’re one of the few teams with the cap space to take him on.

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If the Lakers are desperate enough to get off his contract, they might attach some sweeteners to it. Thunder GM Sam Presti is a big fan of sweeteners.

Here are two trade packages that land Russell Westbrook back in Oklahoma City.