2 Trade Packages To Send Kyrie Irving To Los Angeles Lakers

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A reunion between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving would send shockwaves through the NBA community.

After all, Irving willingly left James on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Allegedly, he wanted his “own team”. He briefly had it in Boston. We all saw how that went.

Hearts and minds change. Irving publicly apologized to James after learning first-hand the pressures of being the best player on an NBA team. He went on to join the Net with Kevin Durant. Apparently, he’s once again comfortable as a second fiddle.

Or not. Kyrie is an enigma. Knowing what he wants or feels is a complicated endeavor. Likewise, so is knowing where the Brooklyn Nets are headed next.

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They may position themselves to do something drastic this summer. Something that would, for example, send shockwaves through the NBA community.

Here are two trade packages that send Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers.