1 Bold Trade To Land Christian Wood With Memphis Grizzlies

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Making the Case: Houston Rockets

The Memphis Grizzlies’ direction is the complete opposite of where the Houston Rockets are at this moment — making both sides potentially intriguing trade partners.

When superstars like James Harden and Russell Westbrook were traded, it was clear that the Rockets were interested in rebuilding. They landed Green with the second-overall pick in last year’s draft and are now their franchise player to build around.

If they cannot get stars to put next to him, taking on a short contract is essential to clear cap space. This trade is not about players coming back but about the draft pick and players they would be giving away.

Neither Wood nor Gordon are long-term pieces for a team like Houston. They are veterans who could be valuable to a contending team, and the Rockets should take advantage of their value.

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When looking at this trade, the Rockets have a chance to get some draft capital back for veteran players. Adding more assets is the direction the front office has been going could continue right now while clearing more playing time for young players.