Lakers Preparing This Intriguing Trade Package To Offer In Offseason

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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to shake up their roster after a disappointing 2021-22 NBA season.

After falling short of the Play-In tournament, the Lakers will look to move assets to improve their roster around stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Per Legion Hoops, reports indicate the Lakers will offer teams a package built around Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and multiple 1st-round picks.

Talen Horton-Tucker has been a name swirling in trade rumors since his career in LA began, so his inclusion is no surprise. Kendrick Nunn, after missing the entire season for the Los Angeles Lakers, is a player that the team views as expendable.

The Lakers will look to include 1st round picks in a potential deal, hoping to improve the return on their trade package. Los Angeles will not be able to trade a first-round pick until 2026. Many of their picks prior to that are either owed to or included in potential swaps with New Orleans.

LATEST NBA NEWs & TRADE RUMORS: 1 Perfect Offseason Trade Target For Los Angeles Lakers

Mortgaging their future even further to build around the duo of James and Davis could be a risky move. It did pay off once in 2020 with the Lakers’ NBA Finals victory in the NBA bubble.

It’s unclear which teams the Lakers’ asset package will interest. Nunn is a full year removed from playing, and the Lakers keep THT out of the rotation at times. Picks as far out as 2026 don’t hold as much value as present picks, either, which is a further concern.

Still, look for the Los Angeles Lakers to insert themselves in trade talks this offseason. With a package of Horton-Tucker, Nunn, and potential first-round picks, the Lakers will look to add win-now talent.

LATEST NBA NEWs & TRADE RUMORS: 1 Perfect Offseason Trade Target For Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James currently has one year remaining on his contract, which makes the Los Angeles Lakers’ performance next season all the more important. A successful trade could ensure a longer Lakers tenure for one of the NBA’s greatest ever.