3 Major Offseason Trade Ideas For Toronto Raptors To Consider

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Arguably, the Toronto Raptors don’t have to do anything this NBA offseason.

After all, this team spent 2021-22 procuring the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. That becomes particularly impressive when you consider that they heavily featured a rookie in Scottie Banes. This core consists of an interesting mix of in-prime players and young guns.

That’s just about the best player to be in the NBA. When you’re giving your fanbase reason to be excited about the present and the future, what more can you ask for?

More. There’s always more. The Raptors may be a move away from genuine championship contention. They say good is the enemy of great.

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Having suffered two consecutive blowouts in the playoffs so far in their series with the Philadelphia 76ers, they appear closer to the former.

Here are three major offseason trade ideas that bring them closer to greatness.

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