NBA Star Pairings We’d Like To See In Future

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The NBA has forever been a star-driven league. Whatever team can pair up the best players will have a great chance to win a championship.

The term “superteams” has even become commonplace amongst NBA fans.

Some of the most memorable pairings or superteams have been when LeBron James joined the Miami Heat and when Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors.

It could be argued the league has never been more player-run with all the mobility and power the stars get.

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There are many occasions in which a player can simply not play until he finds a new team (James Harden, John Wall.) With that being said which big star will be the next to change teams?

Believe it or not, superteams are good for the NBA. They increase viewership and for most fans become the villain of the NBA, and everyone loves to root against a villain.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at three star pairings that would shake up the NBA.

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