3 Intriguing Blockbuster Trades We’d Like To See This Offseason

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For NBA fans, news breaking of a blockbuster trade can be as exciting as a buzzer-beater. If you disagree, consider that the playoffs are about to get underway, and yet, you’re here reading this article.

Potential trades make for conversation in barbershops, gym locker rooms, and office buildings around the world. Imagining how a team would function with a different look makes for endless intrigue.

Some fans hate it, but they might as well accept it. Trade chatter is a staple of NBA discourse: it’s here to stay.

With that in mind, we’ll explore some potential blockbusters for this offseason. Of course, many of these possibilities will be subject to change. Whoever escapes with the NBA title is unlikely to make a major change. The further any team advances, the less likely they are to make a deal.

That won’t stop us from speculating. Consider these working theories: any of them may or may not become a reality.

We are not baking predictions about playoff outcomes in this piece. If your favorite team is shipping a veteran, assume that they fell short in the playoffs. We’re sorry.

Actually, no we’re not. Here are 3 potential blockbusters NBA fans could see this offseason.