2 Potential Trade Packages To Send Bradley Beal To The 76ers

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Few things in life are certain. Death, taxes, cliches in sports writing, and Bradley Beal in NBA trade rumors come immediately to mind.

For as long as Beal has led the charge in the nation’s capital since John Wall’s departure, the media has had him on the way out. It makes sense: the team has hovered between mediocre and decent for the entirety of that run. In a results-driven league, those meager returns will always lead to speculation.

By all accounts, Beal is happy in Washington, and the Wizards are happy to have him. Those accounts won’t hush the voices. Player movement, and speculation surrounding it, make for quality entertainment.

Besides, it’s fun to imagine Beal elsewhere. He’s only a season away from leading the league in points per game at 31.3 a night. He’s a deceptively powerful guard with great fundamentals, able to function as either a primary ball-handler or slip into an off-ball role.

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Plenty of teams would be happy to have him. The Philadelphia 76ers, in their pursuit of the NBA championship, would certainly be one of them.

Here are 2 trade packages that get Beal to the City of Brotherly Love.