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Last season, the Utah Jazz finished with the best record in the NBA and they had a lot of momentum going into the postseason. 

After handling the Grizzlies in five games, it looked like the Jazz were going to easily work their way past the Clippers in the Western Conference Semifinals after winning the first two games of the series, but then Los Angeles won the next four games, beating Utah 4-2 in the series and sending them packing early. 

Entering this season, the Jazz looked to utilize the lessons they had learned against the Clippers to better their championship efforts, but Utah has not looked like a true championship contender this year. 

At times, the Jazz look like one of the best teams in the league and they can be unguardable on the offensive-end of the court. Other times though, the Jazz cannot buy a basket outside of Donovan Mitchell and they go on long losing streaks, resulting in them falling down in the Western Conference standings. 

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Now 45-31 on the year, the Utah Jazz find themselves 0.5 games behind the Nuggets for the 5-seed in the West and they have really struggled to find consistency, losing five straight games and going 9-9 since the All-Star break in February. 

Getting ready for the playoffs, the Jazz will likely be either the 5-seed or 6-seed and they have not looked like a team that is ready to contend for a title against the likes of the Suns, Grizzlies and Warriors in the Western Conference. 

Should the Jazz fail to make it past the Western Conference Semifinals yet again, major changes could be in store for this franchise entering the offseason. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: It’s Rapidly Nearing Time For Utah Jazz To Blow Up Roster

Questions about the long-term futures of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert have been brought up recently, as has Quin Snyder being the head coach of the Jazz moving forward, with some speculation pointing towards him being a potential candidate for other playoff hopefuls who could be making a head coaching change. 

The Utah Jazz could end up being a playoff team that looks to make some significant changes this upcoming offseason and in order for them to fully take the next step as a franchise and move into championship contention, they may need to consider one of these three moves. 

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