It’s Rapidly Nearing Time For Utah Jazz To Blow Up Roster

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The Utah Jazz has been one of the more consistent teams in the NBA in recent seasons. Unfortunately for them, even some of their shortcomings have consistently reared their ugly heads.

The most recent collapse came on Tuesday night against the LA Clippers. The Clippers were getting Paul George back in the lineup for the first time since December and he didn’t look like he missed a beat, scoring 34 points.

His return to the lineup looked like it would be spoiled, however. The Jazz opened up a 25-point lead during the game, but just like the 2021 postseason, they were unable to hold on.

Los Angeles ended up winning the game 121-116 despite the early hole they dug themselves into. It was a very similar outcome to the postseason, when the Jazz faced off with a Clippers team that just lost Kawhi Leonard to an injury, yet lost two consecutive games to lose the series.

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Just like in the postseason, a big reason the Clippers were able to mount a comeback was that the Utah Jazz had no answer to them going small. Rudy Gobert was exposed in the playoff series in such a situation and he was once again on Tuesday.

“Just, again. Again and again,” Gobert said. “And the same way.”

Donovan Mitchell did all he could to get the Jazz a win, essentially matching George with 33 points of his own. He was pretty much left speechless after another big lead was blown.

“I don’t know, Sarah. I don’t know,” Mitchell said, rubbing his face with one hand and letting his other hit the table in exasperation. “It’s the same (expletive). I mean, it feels the same way. It’s the same thing. This is literally the same thing.”

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Is this the beginning of the end as we know it for the Utah Jazz? There have been some rumors about head coach Quin Synder possibly being the replacement for Gregg Popovich on the San Antonio Spurs should he retire this offseason. A possible opening with the Los Angeles Lakers has also been connected to Synder.

Even more concerning are the reports that Donovan Mitchell could request a trade this offseason. It has been reported that Utah is another early exit in the postseason away from Mitchell being with the New York Knicks.

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While the franchise has had plenty of regular-season success, they have not had nearly as much in the postseason. If they fall short once again this year, some big changes could be on the horizon with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell having many teams waiting to capitalize.