3 Intriguing NBA Draft Prospects To Keep An Eye On In March Madness

2022 NBA Draft
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The NBA will take a back seat in the basketball world this week to college basketball, as the 2022 NCAA Tournament is upon us. The tournament is a polarizing event that draws the attention of everyone.

It is hard to find anyone that isn’t filling out at least one bracket this week or participating in a pool to partake in the excitement of March Madness. This weekend is the most exciting for college basketball fans of the season and one that NBA teams will also be tuning in for.

There isn’t a bigger stage in college basketball than the NCAA Tournament. These games will make or break some prospects who have aspirations to play at the professional level, whether it is in the NBA or overseas.

Every year some teams come out of nowhere and make a deep run in the tournament. Those teams get a lot of exposure and as a result, some players become household names that may not have been previously. This is also the first time a lot of fans will see some of the mid-major teams play, who now boast impressive rosters as well given the new rules in collegiate sports when it comes to transfers.

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Future pros are littered throughout the regions. As some analysts have said, there are a bunch of good teams in this year’s field, but few great ones. That means we could see some players and teams make a name for themselves in the coming weeks.

Here are three 2022 NBA Draft prospects to keep an eye on throughout March Madness that could move up draft boards or solidify their current standing.

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