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Darius Garland and the Cleveland Cavaliers (38-29) took on DeMar DeRozan and the Chicago Bulls (41-26) in part of the Saturday NBA slate. It was the Bulls who came out on top with 101-91 being the final score.

This was one of the more important head-to-head matchups around the NBA with the Bulls and Cavaliers both battling for playoff positioning in the Eastern Conference standings.

With Zach LaVine out as he continues to deal with knee issues, DeMar DeRozan was relied upon continually to shoulder the load. He didn’t shoot it well today as he went 9-26 FG, but he led with 25 points. Nikola Vucevic’s 20 points was important for the Bulls, too.

It was a terrible perimeter shooting display from the Cavaliers as they finished 5-24 from beyond the arc. Cleveland was unable to make up for it in other areas. It didn’t help to have Darius Garland struggling to score at a strong clip as he finished with 25 points on 9-24 FG.

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Neither team executed well on offense and were without a few key players. The Chicago Bulls just managed to get the job done at a bit higher of a level than the Cavaliers to get the win.

The Boston Celtics are rapidly gaining ground on the rest of the Eastern Conference and are now trailing the Bulls for fourth place by just one game. Chicago must win to stay ahead for now, and they took care of business in this matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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