Bulls vs Pistons Wednesday: Score, Highlights, Stats, More

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DeMar DeRozan and the Chicago Bulls (40-26) took on Cade Cunningham and the Detroit Pistons (18-48) in part of the NBA Wednesday slate. The Bulls came out on top vs the Pistons with 114-108 being the final score.

Things have cooled off for the Bulls as of late amid an increasing volume of injuries to key players. DeMar DeRozan has done his best to attempt to keep them afloat, but the team still faced a five-game losing streak entering this game.

DeMar DeRozan finished with an impressive 36 points, eight rebounds, and four assists to lead the Bulls to victory. Zach LaVine (25) and Nikola Vucevic (21) each surpassed the 20-point threshold in this one, too.

The Boston Celtics have a strong chance to pass the Bulls in the Eastern Conference standings for fourth if Chicago does not quickly turn things around.

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Cade Cunningham has been putting on a show lately as the Detroit Pistons are prioritized his development during the stretch run of the season. He finished with an intriguing 22 points and six assists.

The Detroit Pistons sought to sneak a win against a division rival as they look to lay the foundation of a successful long-term rebuilding process. They didn’t quite get it done, but still showed some solid signs.

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